Online QuickBooks Problems
While Online QuickBooks is being touted as the next big thing and it certainly has its
pluses, there are a number of things the Desktop version can still do better. For one
thing, Desktop QuickBooks is an application downloaded to your CPU, allowing you to
access and process the information quickly, as opposed to Online QuickBooks. Online

QuickBooks needs to process and save from an offsite server. You are using your
internet application to access this information. Just like surfing the web, there will be
delays as you communicate between the two processing units.

Other features such as importing old bank and credit card information is limited in the
Online version to amounts, dates and a brief bank description. The Desktop version will
allow and accountant using the accountant’s version the ability to upload far more
details, including the account, vendor name and check number.

For bank reconciliations and reclassifications the ability to select all boxes at once has
failed in online QuickBooks. There also a number of occasions where the Online Bank
reconciliation process was missing in Online QuickBooks. I have never seen these
problems with Desktop QuickBooks.

The one great advantage of Online QuickBooks has been the ability to simply log into
the client’s QuickBooks accounts. Hopefully they will make it perfect soon.


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