Newsletter – January 27, 2021

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us New Stimulus Has Plenty for Small Business The pandemic relief measure provides $325 billion in small-business funds and gives businesses another bite at the PPP apple. Click through for the details on what's available to make sure you get the cash you're entitled to. What the New PPP […]

Newsletter – December 30, 2020

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us Aid Package Signed Into Law The much discussed and debated relief package has been signed into law. As it's over 5,000 pages, it's full of provisions whose details are still being reviewed. Click through for a basic outline of what taxpayers can expect. Paid Sick and Family Leave: […]

Newsletter – December 16, 2020

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us IRS Introduces the New Form 1099-NEC Although the rules on paying freelancers haven't changed, the paperwork has. The IRS has rolled out Form 1099-NEC, which businesses must use for paying nonemployee compensation. Click through to learn how it works. How Are Trusts Taxed? Trusts are subject to taxation, […]

Newsletter – December 02, 2020

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us By the Numbers: The Key Adjustments for 2021 As the year winds down, the government changes a variety of numbers affecting tax and other financials. How do these changes affect you or the companies you manage? Click through for a review of the 2021 changes. Know About the […]

Newsletter – November 18, 2020

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us 5 Business Tax Deductions to Consider It has been a challenging year, but one thing that hasn't changed is taxes. Fortunately, businesses remain eligible for certain deductions. Click through to read about deadlines for key provisions that pertain to your business. Are Your Accounts Receivables Piling Up? Accounts […]

Newsletter – November 04, 2020

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us Share Save Changing Culture to Manage Future Disruptions   If the COVID-19 pandemic taught businesses anything, it is that resilience and agility matter. Companies that never thought about operating remotely were forced to change to virtual companies in the blink of an eye.  Families needed to quickly pivot […]

Newsletter – October 21, 2020

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us Small PPP Loan Borrowers Get Big Break The SBA has issued a new form that makes it much easier for smaller borrowers to qualify for loan forgiveness, and also has clarified due dates. Click through to see if your company is eligible for the simplified paperwork. Tip-based Businesses: […]

Newsletter – October 07, 2020

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us Disaster Relief Payments: A Simple Way To Help Employees There's an underrated benefit flying under the radar as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on — and it comes in the form of tax-free disaster relief payments. Click through for insight into this simple, tax-advantaged program. What Are the Rules […]

Newsletter – September 30, 2020

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us Welcome to Dennis & Associates Newsletter Welcome to our firm's newsletter! We plan to give you helpful information every two weeks. Click through to learn all about the valuable free information we'll be sending. Is This Your Situation: Concerned About Strategic Tax Planning and Itemizing The changes made […]

What to do if you have not filed your returns for a while?

What to do if you have not filed your returns for a while? There are a number of people that have not filed for years. This creates a number of risks. If the federal or state governments believe that you owe them money, then they may take control of your bank account. They have the […]

Are you doing everything for your Not-For-Profit ?

In the state of Massachusetts a not-for-profit has several things they need to know. You can make purchases without paying for sales tax.  The state issues the ST-2  certificate to not-for-profits every ten years.  You should be able to simply bring your certificate to a grocery store and be able to exclude the sales tax.  […]

PFML (Paid Family Medical Leave)

PFML (Paid Family Medical Leave) The Paid Family Medical Leave Act created a lot of confusion.  The state has worked out a lot of those confusing details, and we will continue to update you on their progress. Essentially the PFML is a benefits program.  The payments start now, however no one is eligible for the […]

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