Newsletter – November 17, 2021

    Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us Do You Need a Forensic Accountant? Forensic accountants can value a business as well as calculate losses and potential legal damages. Might they be able to help you? Click through to learn when you need to employ a forensic accountant and how forensic accounting works. What […]

Newsletter – October 20, 2021

    Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us Tax Items To Check as the Year Winds Up The fourth quarter is a good time to take stock of your tax situation and ask yourself the important questions: Do you need any adjustments to your withholding? What 2021 changes will affect you when you prepare […]

Newsletter – September 22, 2021

    Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us The IRS Is Watching Out for Padding The IRS warns tax filers to avoid falsely inflating deductions or expenses on tax returns. This isn’t a minor infraction that gets winked at. Click through to learn which areas the agency is zeroing in on. Recordkeeping: The Key […]

Newsletter – June 30, 2021

    Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us Tax Treatment for Family Members Working in the Family Business When you include family members in your business operations, there are tax treatments and employment tax rules that need to be applied. Click through to learn the right way to hire a family member. Nonresident Aliens […]

Newsletter – February 10, 2021

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us What’s the Story Behind Estimated Taxes? If you're a typical worker, your employer withholds taxes from each paycheck. But for the self-employed, it's a different story: they have to file estimated taxes throughout the year. Click through for an overview of the estimated tax rules. Employee Retention Tax […]

Newsletter – January 27, 2021

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us New Stimulus Has Plenty for Small Business The pandemic relief measure provides $325 billion in small-business funds and gives businesses another bite at the PPP apple. Click through for the details on what's available to make sure you get the cash you're entitled to. What the New PPP […]

Newsletter – December 30, 2020

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us Aid Package Signed Into Law The much discussed and debated relief package has been signed into law. As it's over 5,000 pages, it's full of provisions whose details are still being reviewed. Click through for a basic outline of what taxpayers can expect. Paid Sick and Family Leave: […]

Newsletter – December 16, 2020

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us IRS Introduces the New Form 1099-NEC Although the rules on paying freelancers haven't changed, the paperwork has. The IRS has rolled out Form 1099-NEC, which businesses must use for paying nonemployee compensation. Click through to learn how it works. How Are Trusts Taxed? Trusts are subject to taxation, […]

Newsletter – December 02, 2020

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us By the Numbers: The Key Adjustments for 2021 As the year winds down, the government changes a variety of numbers affecting tax and other financials. How do these changes affect you or the companies you manage? Click through for a review of the 2021 changes. Know About the […]

Newsletter – November 18, 2020

Website Tax Tips About Us Contact Us 5 Business Tax Deductions to Consider It has been a challenging year, but one thing that hasn't changed is taxes. Fortunately, businesses remain eligible for certain deductions. Click through to read about deadlines for key provisions that pertain to your business. Are Your Accounts Receivables Piling Up? Accounts […]

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